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acoustic consultant noise consultant health and safety consultant food safety consultant
acoustic consultant noise consultant carrying out noise at work survey on shipsd safety consultant
acoustic consultant noise consultant control of noise at work report survey

  • Noise Impact Assessments – these can be provided for a wide spectrum of industries and businesses to support planning applications, e.g. BS 4142:2014, road traffic, mechanical plant, entertainment noise and concerts

  • Noise and Odour Impact Assessment - specifically required for new food businesses (or alterations to food premises) that require planning permission.

  • Workplace noise surveys and noise risk assessment – full noise surveys (including dosimeter) can be carried out to ensure compliance with the Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005.  Surveys can be carried out onshore or offshore.

  • Noise surveys – one off noise survey can be arranged for specific noise problems with subsequent report production, e.g., noisy equipment inside work areas, noisy plant outside affecting residential homes, etc.

  • Noise complaint investigations / Statutory noise nuisance assessments.

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